Today we were at the National Dog Show in Västerås, Sweden. The judge was Moa Persson from Sweden. The number of registered Rhodesian Ridgeback to the dog show was 40. The number of registered dogs to the dog show was 3 155. SEUCH, FIUCH, EECH, SE JV-12 Kadamo Rob Roy “Dexter” – 2nd place in Champion Class with excellent and CQ – 4th

2153 Year of birth: 1951: Profession: Technical salesman: Licensed to judge at CAC shows since: 1979: Licensed to judge following breeds: Show all >> Has owned dogs since-Own breeds: Pug, French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever: Language skills: English, german: Has judged at CAC level in following countries: Sweden Norway Finland Denmark. Netherlands Germany England Ireland

PERSSON. , Moa Märsta,. SWEDEN · PETERSEN. , Marie Vojens,. DENMARK · PETIK. , Mrs Zsuzsanna (susan) Tétényi,.

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Ecco is once in a lifetime dog and he is mine. I "stora" finalen blev han också BIS-3 fast för domare Moa Persson! Not all judges have seen a correct pigmented livernose and therefor they hesitate to put up A lot of dogs (and people) were scared and the show had to take a 30 minutes 25.2.01: NKK-Bø i Telemark/Int show: Judge Moa Persson, Sweden 20101010 Club Show Basset fauve de Bretagne Leichester England 2010-08-29Gotland Dogshow SKK Noggrant bedömd av kunniga Moa Persson WORLD DOGSHOW HELSINKI 2014 9th of August 2014 Judge: Bo Skalin World Dog Show Budapest the 18th of May 2013 Domare/Judge: Moa Persson. 2020 01 03-04 MY DOG Gothenburg Judges Tina Taulos and Lars Wilén.

130901, Euro Dog Show, Geneve, domare Petru Muntean, Rumänien CERT R-CACIB 2btkl Vice Europe  LEIPZIG WORLD DOG SHOW Dommare: Louis Wilson DRACULA SHOW RUMÄNIEN 6 EXC 2 group 1 Dommare: Moa Persson Sverige EXC, CQ, BTKL 2  Hund/dog, Ägare/owner, Resultat, Domare/judge. 31/1 LRK, Philip - Lion SvCh Foulby Neptune, Petra Persson + Macita's, 1:1 Hp Superveteran, - " -. MoPiVi's  Moa Persson dömde fram Milton till BIR med fantastisk kritik på söndagen!

Moa Persson – Sweden - Moa is an All Breeds judge since 1992. Her main breeds are Pugs & French Bulldogs. Her main breeds are Pugs & French Bulldogs. Moa also has bred & shown Labradors & Golden Retrievers.

Her main breeds are Pugs & French Bulldogs. Petra has bred & shown Leonbergers for 40 years & also has bred & shown English Cocker Spaniels & Bernese Mountain dogs.

Moa Persson. Till FCI domarguide >> Kennelnamn-Hemsida-E-post: Född år: 1951: Yrke: Teknisk säljare: Auktoriserad exteriördomare år: 1979: Dömer följande raser: Visa alla >> Har haft hund sedan-Egna raser: Mops, fransk bulldog, labrador retriever: Språkkunskaper: Engelska, tyska: Har dömt i följande länder: Sverige Norge

Moa persson dog judge

Vinnare öppenklassen hanar. CK. Bästa Hane-3 . Sparvöga's Yabba Dabba Do American Cocker Spaniel: Viveca Lahokoski, Finland: American Water Spaniel: Bertil Lungren, Finland: Barbet: Anne Livø Buvik, Norway: Chesapeake Bay Retriever A’Vigdors Valperto (fralla) blev 3-BH med R-cert och R-cacib på My Dog i Göteborg. 5/1: CIB NOUCH SEUCH NOV-17 NORDV-15 Puggens Margit (mops) blev BIR på My Dog i Göteborg. A’Vigdors Valperto (fralla) blev BIR junior, 2-BH med cert på My Dog i Göteborg. List of dog judges with surnames beginning with P. Dog Judges is owned by ADF Mobiles (Australia) P/L | ABN 18 117 770 180 Old but Gold. Kursen är främst tänkt för den pensionerade tävlingshunden som minst fyllt åtta år eller varit tvungen att avsluta karriären tidigare på grund av t.ex.

Eva Nielsen anatoliankoira Anatolian Shepherd Dog Nina Karlsdotter Moa Persson (change 8.3.) apinapinseri Affenpinscher Harto Stockmari (change 7.3.) Eva Nielsen appenzellinpaimenkoira Appenzell Cattle Dog Moa Persson (change 8.3.) Harto Stockmari (change 8.3.) bernhardinkoira, lyhytkarvainen Saint Bernard Dog, Short-haired Beatrice Schiatti Zancan Finnish Winner int. dog show, judge: Moa Persson, SWE Moonset Exterminator "Ukko" BM-2, CACIB, Open class-1, Excellent Sangerfild Wish Upon A Star "Toni", junior class-1, excellent, FinJW-2010 He has judged in many important dog shows in Italy and abroad, his resume includes numerous editions of the Derby for Continental European Cup for which he also acted as selector. He was judge in the World Dog Show in Milan in 2000, in the European Dog Show in Genova, in Eurasia in Moscow in 2012 and 2015 WDS in Milan. Castlerock - News 2017 - Judge mr.
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Moa persson dog judge

äg Lars-Åke Jans. TVÅA / SECOND Judges – 15.8. CAC Show.

Dog Show Karlsruhe Germany Amazon Mogwai's Ninja, Youth class V 3 (Judge : Ms Monika Blaha, Austria) December 20, 2015 BRUSSELS DOG SHOW Belgium PORVOO DOG SHOW - FINLAND / Judge: Mr Penttio Mattson - Finland 1/1 Excellent - CAC - BOB THIRD EXHIBIT IN THE HERDING GROUP VIRKKALA DOG SHOW - FINLAND / Judge: Mrs Moa Persson (Sweden) 1/1 Very Good . Wingdari Swaga Mischief "Vilkuu" with his family in Finland: Wingdari Swaga Mischief "Vilkuu" in Finland Junior Winner Finland 2003 wire judge Moa Persson, Sweden Best of Breed, Best Dog, CAC Starring Quinn Res. Best Bitch, Res. CAC Starring Queen westie & group judge Siv Jernhake, Sweden Group 4th, BOB, Best Bitch Ch Starring Talvikki BOS, Best Dog, CAC Braveheart della Riva d`Arno. Forssa 19.07.2003 wire judge Giuseppe Alessandra, Italy Our judge today was well respected Swedish All-rounder Moa Persson, Ace won a very strong Limit Dog Class & the pulled out all the stops to win the Dog CC his 3rd making him a UK Boxer Champion! We were thrilled & a fantastic day for us to remember for the rest of our lives.
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Moa persson dog judge

RESULTAT CORONA. SKK Int. = Swedish Kennel Club International Dog Show SKK Nat. = Swedish Kennel Club National Dog Show SSRK = Swedish Spaniel and Retriever National Dog Show

American Cocker Spaniel: Viveca Lahokoski, Finland: American Water Spaniel: Bertil Lungren, Finland: Barbet: Anne Livø Buvik, Norway: Chesapeake Bay Retriever Steven and Shari describe Big Sky’s Norse Code as “a dog with a ton of potential”. One of Big Sky’s Norse Code critiques: Dog of excellent breed type, full of quality, super head and expression, lovely reach of neck, showing very nice topline leading to an excellent otter tail, superb coat in good hard condition, moved well, lovely temperament. SKK Malm valp 0911.